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The tools4Smiles-Network was a brain child that has been years in the works.  Being in the dental business for 31-years and in the pre-owned Cerec business exclusively for over 11-years ,I have been so frustrated from a multitude of many different things in this business and finally have the time, effort, energy and finances to take the leap of change for the CADCAM community world wide. 

Some of my pet peaves are they way people list items for sale, the outrageous fees eBay and Paypal fees are charging people and the thieves trying to create fake listings to steal your hard earned money! The Tools4Smiles-Network was specifically designed to correct all of the flaws in the only system that exist.  eBay has grown too big to police the thieves and it takes community watch service to REPORT somone that we know is using someone else's photos and listing.  We know every listing that's for sale and who's selling it, YES I pay someone to look at every listing every day and to take action when we know someone is attempting to fraud someone.  I have been a victim myself on many occasions, where my own equipment images and description is attempted to being sold by a FRAUD! I even go to the point of asking them questions about what they are selling and they kindly respond.  Then I ask them why are they using my images and exact item description and trying to STEAL from someone.  Their response is "sorry, I need the money".  Reporting someone on eBay doesn't remove this listing immediately and the need to look into it.  If this goes unreported and someone PAYS this guy $30,000 dollars, they are covered under the protection policy, but this person walks away with FREE money and is impossible to track down.  It's inevitable to stop thieves on eBay, but in the Tools4Smiles network, we have the opportunity to create a forum,  a network that we can control, police and take immediate actions. No need to wait 1-2-3 days to remove a bad apple from the bunch.  Not to mention, no one would EVER be ripped off if using our partners with shipping and payments with PAYSAFE ESCROW services.  We have shipping documentation and receiving documentation, your either going to get your equipment or your not paying a single dollar, vise-versa your either going to be paid for what you sold or it will be returned to you in the same condition you shipped it. 

Aside from the secure side of being a buyer or seller, I have created a fool-proof way of CREATING the perfect listing with information every buyer or seller is going to want to know. They only question one may have,  is about the PRICE! The website is one of the most informative websites with the most common things a buyer or seller wants to know. 

You will find that buying or selling CADCAM technology on the Network will be as easy as 1-2-3! We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to make the transition from getting into the Cerec bsuiness or closing the chapter on this technology, will be smooth and "painless" as possible.  My goal was to provide a place to bring buyers and sellers from around the World to one connection. 

I will be advertising and bringing global awareness to the Tools4Smiles-Network through our 1200 previous customers, our 2nd hand dealers in many Countries and utilizing major dental magazines.  Not to mention providing every Patterson branch with our information, to arm them with another tool to be able to UP-SELL existing CADCAM users who need to sell what they have first.  Tools4Smiles-Network will be a win-win for the entire CADCAM community.  We'll even try to partner with other Companies to bring their business over to the Network vs having to charge existing clients 30% to cover the 14% eBay and PayPal fees. 

While putting together and launching this new website, I'd like to think I have covered everything and accomplished putting my 31-years of dental experience and 11-years of Cerec experience into one PERFECT website. I realize there is NO perfect CADCAM world, but I'm attempting to take one step closer! If you have an idea, suggestion, likes or dislikes, my door is always open and being a former athlete, I'm pretty good at taking constructive criticism and making changes that make sense.

Thank you for reading by Blog!

Joe Lamica 


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