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Why CASH IS KING when selling your Used Cerec.....rapid depreciation, time is of the essence!

Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 2:00PM

There are many reasons why one may be selling their Cerec technology. Over the past 13-years I've heard just about every reason possible of why one want's to sell their CADCAM technology. The most common thread is that "it's just not being utilized" as much as they would have hoped to and they are just seeking a quick sale before they have to make another payment. This technology is just like anything else we buy and don't use. However, the "unloading" part is not like most other things we buy. You will never grasp of what all entails of selling this technology until you actually try it for yourself. Perfect world, Dr. Smith down the street stop's over checks it out and pays on the spot and takes it home with him. We'll just say that might happen 1-5,000 times! Here's the real deal...your answering non-stop phone calls of "what's wrong with it", finding a buyer that actually get's back to you after he said "I'll buy it". After you got an "I do" now try getting paid, without 5-10 calls and feeling like a bill collector, then to only hear "I've changed my mind" or "my financing fell through", then your back to square one. After you have a buyer in hand and he's paid, now the fun part of packing and shipping comes in. We do it for a living and we have it down to a science, there was only a 3-year learning curve with the right crates, right shipping companies and finding "real insurance". For the average dentist this is all a huge hassle and I've heard of some real nightmares. This is just one of many reason, CASH IS KING....a now buyer, a now deal and this thing is outta-hear tomorrow.

4 Star Dental Equipment, Inc. / www.Tools4smiles.com is the original pioneer in the "used Cerec business", since 2004. We have a pretty good idea on the history of this technology, exact values and depreciation values expanding over 13-years and over 600-Cerec transaction. Along with reasons why dentist want buy or sell pre-owned Cerec technology. With over $13,000,000 in Cerec transactions over the years of buying and selling pre-owned Cerec's to every corner of the Planet......yes, we are experts in this arena. There is no one in the USA with more experience, knowledge or know-how to assist you with selling your pre-owned Cerec!

www.Tools4Smiles.com is the only website of it's kind to assist specifically pre-owned Cerec and E4D / CADCAM buyers and sellers. We make selling your Cerec on your own as simple as 1-2-3! Best of all there are no "consignment" fees, selling fees, paypal fees or ebay fees and it's all for FREE. There is no catch, so you put that thought to rest. We eve offer your customers financing, of all credit types up to $150,000. We will assist you with getting your unit listed, sold, packed up and shipped anywhere in the world. Concierge shipping assistance is $599 and this includes the custom crate and packing materials and we send you the airway bill shipping labels, we don't pay for the freight. This website allows you to truly keep 100% of the profits. It doesn't get any better than that! If your unit does not sell in 30-days, we will make you a cash offer and take care of the fees on the custom crate, packing materials and the shipping fees. Over the past 13-years / 600+ Cerec transactions, we have made upfront cash offers on 90% of the transactions. The other 10% had grinded it out and with a little assistance from us, had managed to sell it on their own. We'll tell EXACTLY how to sell it and assist you with every step. We'll even provide you with a FREE appraisal on our website www.tools4smiles.com. Use the automated form, enter a few images and we'll have a FREE appraisal for you within 24-hours!

Some players in the pre-owned Cerec world like to promote and operate primarily by consignments. This is the ultimate business model to have "no skin" in the game and zero investment, other than a few hours of time. It's a great business when you have zero risk in any business. Don't you wish your dental practice ran like that? You don't have to buy any dental supplies, pay any staff or pay your lease until you have someone willing to do the treatment, then everyone get's paid. This is how Consignment companies operate.....they may have your best interest at heart as it's the only way they are getting paid, but not having "skin in the game" is a "game change". We see "consignment companies" like real estate agents, they take a few pictures, list it on various websites and sell it for whatever price you want, initially. After a few weeks or months will circle back to you to suggest a lower price (kind of like the price they knew all along) to meet the market to draw some interest. This process repeats it's self until you've finally come to the conclusion the value is a lot less than what you thought. When your just tired of trying to sell it and just want to be done with the process, you'll either decide to keep it or take a "close enough" offer. Yup, it's exactly like the Real Estate business.

Why "CASH-OUT" ?

The obvious reason is "cash today" and your not waiting on a Consignment company to sell your equipment in 4-8 weeks. They know it's over-priced from the get-go, hence 4-weeks goes by with no offers. They also know that you'll eventually succumb to a much lower price after a month and don't care if you don't....the zero "skin in the game" program comes into effect. They have several other fishing poles in the water at different intervals of how long the bait has been cast out there. Hint: look at a consignment company's inventory and see the least expensive priced unit....this is the one that has been on the market for several months and the price has dropped significantly. Look at the highest priced unit's for sale....these are the new-by's on the block. I guess every seller just needs 4-weeks to see it listed, promoted and entertain a few low ball offers for reality to set in of what your really have, as far as "street value". I hear very often, "I see them selling for XYZ. Many times, sellers are confused with what they are seeing is what they are "listed" for, not SOLD. Trust me, those numbers are 10's of thousands apart. Do you want to be a "seller" or a "lister"? Lister is not going to put a single dollar in your bank account!
Considering the astonishing depreciation rate of this technology, every month your holding out for a "few more bucks", your losing even more money with the monthly depreciation. Again, consignment companies don't care who long you take to say "sell it". They are still making 10-30% on the other consignments that were put into rotation months ago.
Taking a cash deal eliminates you or the front desk fielding 100 - questions of what's wrong with it, why are you selling it, figuring out how to pack it up, who's going to ship it, is there "really" shipping insurance", having to deal with shipping companies in the event damage occurs, who's paying for the damages, dealing with the end user for weeks or months after the sale. When your trying to practice dentistry, these are all major distractions that won't go away until the issues are resolved. If you fall into this nightmare, you'll quickly be thinking about "should have taken" the direct CASH purchase, as none of this headache is worth it.
Like anything else with a high price tag, nothing is easier than someone else taking care of all the details, putting a check in your hands in a days, not weeks and your free! Free of debt, free of any further headaches and now you can finally have a good night's sleep. Some consignment companies make you accountable for 30-days after the sale! For the record, our website will assist you to do everything a "consignment" company promises, for FREE! With the exception, you'll need to answer the eMails.
We all have different idea on how we like to do business, at the end of the day..I'm personally "a bird in hand" kind of business guy. And I know for a fact "if B-Back's were Green Backs", I'd be retired! Famous last words "I'll be back". I hope to have been informative to some degree and hopefully shed some light on the real deal of the used CADCAM business. We are always available to help you 7-days a week. Visit us on the web at www.tools4smiles.com or contact us toll free 1.877.CEREC2U.

Best of luck with all of your Cerec endeavors!

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