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Turn your Used Cerec from DUST into CASH!

Tue, May 03, 2016 at 2:30PM

Is your Cerec techology sitting in a corner somewhere collecting dust? You keep saying "one day" when I have the time, I'm going to sell that thing! or better yet, wishful thinking that someone is going to call you out of the blue and ask to buy it from you! If your reading this Ad, wishful thinking has found you! 

I've been in the dental business for 33-years and 12-years exclusively in the used Cerec business. I have personally bought and sold over $20 Million in Cerec technology around the world.  From speaking with hundreds of dentist over the years, I know this technology is simply a love or hate business and it's not for everyone. 4-Star Dental Service has built a strong niche and reputation in the "used Cerec business" around the world since 2004. We have a home in every corner of the planet for your unwanted/hardly used Cerec technology, that is still in good working condition.  

Tools4Smiles-Network is a one stop shop for buying, selling or just needing an appraisal for your Cerec equipment.  Tools4Smiles-Network offers financing for your customers, safe-pay transactions, shipping concierge service and unlimited technical resources of information and "how to" on the websites technical page:


If your in the market to SELL.  We make the process is simple as 1-2-3! We take care of all the paper-work, shipping arrangements and even send you the crate to pack it up! Don't waste your time with "consignment" companies trying to hustle you for 19%-30% of your money for listing an eBay advertisement for .50 cents!  Not to mention, they let you PRICE the equipment.  Why would someone who is an expert in the used Cerec market ask YOU what it's worth? How many Cerecs have you SOLD? People get caught up in what things are "selling for on eBay" and don't know the real price of what things are actually "selling" for.  We sell less than 20% of our inventory from eBay and 80% directly to our customers.  If you want to be in the "listing market", then your on the right bus with going with a consignment company or eBay.  

If you want to be in the "selling market", then you need to be on the same bus as a used Cerec expert.  I can tell you without a doubt, there's NOBODY in the used Cerec business that has more experience, knowledge or know how.  In fact, my business model was the 1st of it's kind in 2004 and have showed them all the ropes of this business. Some HERO's have even worked for me to learn the business and others just copied our business model to get in the game with consignments.  

What do consignment companies rely on? They know you have a financial investment that didn't work out, an emotional attachment and know you have a far fetched price in your head of what you believe it to be worth. More importantly, they have NO financial skin in the game and don't care what you want to list it for.  If you have any business sense you've already learned that people who are NOT equally invested, your just not on the same page.  They are hoping for that 1 in 1000 to come along at your price and make their 19%-30%.  They know you have a 99% chance it will never sell anytime soon and It's a game of bait and switch.  They bait you in with letting YOU name YOUR price and 30-60-90 days down the road will advise you to lower the price, so it's priced where it should have been 3-months ago from the start.  They will still take 19%-30% of your reduced price and you'll be right back where we are today, without the 3-6 month wait and 3 price reductions.  

If your seeking LUCK, go to Las Vegas and roll the dice.  If your looking for a winning hand deal with someone who is willing to put THEIR money where their mouth is and not on a piece of paper with a consignment.  When your thinking of doing a consignment, ask the Consignment company to give you a guaranteed price of what they will buy your equipment for, if your unit doesn't sell in 90-days! Better yet, ask them for 50% upfront of what they THINK it's really worth and the balance when it sells. If they won't give you a price or offer you a "guaranteed purchase", then you know your dealing with a "fisherman".  Again, make "consignment companies" put some skin in the game vs wasting your time. Anyone who is willing to give you a "buy out" price in the event it doesn't sell, you can TRUST they know their stuff and willing to put their money where their mouth is. 

Call today to see how easy it is to turn your CEREC technology from dust to CASH! Be advised, I offer "real world" pricing of what things are actually selling for based on current history.  I'm not the one to tell you what you want to hear to take on a consignment deal. I'm in the "now business and not the "hope" business.  The Cerec business is similar to buying and selling a brand new car. The ONLY person who makes BIG money off this equipment and that's the DEALER. When you trade in your car 5-years later, you and the dealer have a much different "value" of what your car's worth.  I have over 12-years of market analysis on used Cerec equipment, no fluff, no bait, just straight deals. . 

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