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Why buy used Cerec Equipment

Purchasing a CEREC system, used or new, is a significant investment in your practice. Of course, the more significant the decision the more time you should spend on gathering all the facts and the more thought you should put into making the call. Here's a brief recap along with a few extra tips to save you a headache or two throughout the process.

  1. Buying used CEREC technology can not only be the best fit for your practice, but also your budget. Don't make the $147,000 mistake others have made and instead capitalize on it!
  2. Overcome your fear of buying pre-owned by reducing your risk and doing your homework. The more information you gathered about the purchase when coming to your decision, the more confident you will feel about it. 
  3. Sirona & Patterson will provide you service & support for your used CEREC, even if you didn't buy it from Patterson. Don't forget to get the Notice of Change in Practice Ownership form from the original owner! (CEREC units originally sold outside the United States are not eligible for support from Patterson)
  4. Make sure you know these five basic facts about the CEREC before you buy: Omnicam/Bluecam/Redcam, Compact/MC XL; Year of Manufacture; Hardware Platform; Number of Mills; and Software Version. Use this information as leverage in your negotiations!
  5. When negotiating with the seller, make sure to find out how they are going to pack your equipment, who they are shipping it with and who is paying for it.
  6. If you are buying internationally, make sure you check the voltage setting of the acquisition unit before turning it on! You can find the voltage setting near the power plug.
  7. Software upgrades, parts, burs and blocks can be found at steep discounts on eBay.
  8. As with anything, you get what you pay for! Question items priced way below market value and always see the CEREC in person if your not buying from a reputable professional. 


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